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Oscar’s mission is to encourage Christians and to win others for Jesus Christ.

Oscar was born in Wynberg, Western Cape, South Africa on the 28th of October. He matriculated from the Newcastle High School, Natal, in 1965. He is married to Erica. The couple has two daughters, Isabella and Ilse. The family lives in Mossel Bay since 2003.

After being employed by the Department of Justice for eight years as a Clerk of the Court, Public Prosecutor and Assistant Magistrate, Oscar studied full time at the University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, where he received the degrees of BA and LL.B. in 1976 and 1978. Oscar then practised as an attorney in his own private practice for ten years in Pietermaritzburg until 1990, when he was called to a full-time Evangelical singing career. We praise the Lord for 30 years of grace!

Oscar’s ministry is Inter-denominal in various Afrikaans and English churches. He also ministers at various Renewal Congresses, Conferences, Outreaches, men's and/or ladies breakfasts and camps, prisons and schools in Southern Africa. In 2018 about 15000 learners and prisoners were reached with the Gospel of Christ during May, August and September alone! Glory to God!

Oscar frequently ministers internationally at churches in Athens and Huntsville, Alabama, also Aiken, South Carolina and elsewhere in the USA. Oscar has also ministered in Perth, Australia during October 2003.   During May 2009, Oscar had a very successful ministry tour in Canada and blessed ministry tours in the USA during 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Oscar is an active member of The Gideons International in South Africa since the early 1980s. During 1988 he was part of the Gideons International Extension Action Bible Placement to Brazil and he has attended two International Conventions in the USA in Denver, CO,  and Nashville, TN.

He was a part-time presenter on the National Radio station, Radio Pulpit, for 12 years for the programs Music with a Message, Mosaic, Spectrum and Into Thy Presence.

To date, Oscar Music Ministries has recorded and released twenty-three solo albums and two DVDs. His catalogue includes the following albums:

1. Brother to Brother                          
2. Gospel Favourites                             
3. The River                                     
4. It's a Miracle                                 
5. My Kind [Afrikaans]                          
6. Brighter Day                                  
7. Praise & Worship Vol 1 [RE-ISSUE] 
8. Praise & Worship Vol 2                       
9. Enjoy the Journey                            
10. That's my Jesus                             
11. Lof & Aanbidding [dubbel CD]  
12. Best of Oscar Vol 1                         
13. 24 x Original songs [double CD]                        
14. Heaven                                
15. Holy Night                  
16. Breakthrough
17. DVD: Live at Memphis, TN, USA
18. Praise & Worship Vol 3 (double CD)   
19. DVD : Moods of the Mountain      
20. Gospel Favourites Vol 2 [double CD]   
21. Praise & Worship Vol 4 – [DEC 2013]
22. HOPE CD [released April 2015]
23. WYS MY DIE PAD CD [March 2016        
24. BEST OF OSCAR - VOL 2 [June 2017}
25. HALLELUJAH CD [2019 recording]

Oscar’s CDs are available on this website and can be downloaded (individual songs and/or whole albums). All lyrics are also on the website.

Samples of all the songs are available on our website www.oscarmusic.co.za  for listening.

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