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1.Where and when can I buy?

1.1    International buyers

You may buy  24/7 worldwide, including public holidays and weekends too. Payment is by means of PayPal with your credit  card in US dollars. You can just change the currency to US Dollars , at the very top of the webpage, for the price in US dollars, to be reflected on the CDs  webpage.   If  you are buying from a country with a diffirent currency, PayPal will automatically [when you check out] convert the amount  payable from your own currency. Just follow the guide instructions as indicated where you check out.   Due to the high cost of International Postage or shipping, we recommend that Internatioanl buyers rather download the full CD Album.  When downloading please note that no booklets or lyrics are then available.


Oscar Music accepts credit cards issued in all currencies  via PayPal,   but all orders are processed in US Dollars.  International buyers with credit cards issued in different currencies, will be billed using the bank's  U S Dollar exchange rate for their currency,  at the time the payment is processed.  This is automatically done by Pay Pal at check out.

For your convenience, value conversion to US Dollars are available at the very top of the web page. The exact amount you will be billed, depends upon  the exchange rate your bank uses, at the time of your purchase.


     How do I get my digital MP3 downloads  ?

Log in to the CDs section of the Oscar Music website, .

When you see the list of the Albums/CDs released by Oscar Music, click on the particular album/CD. A list of samples of each song will open beneath the album/CD  selected.  Click on the sample (Play icon)  to listen to the particular song. If that is the song you want to purchase, click on the blue  icon on the right-hand side, Add to Cart.

Should you prefer to download the whole album/CD,  then at this stage, you have to add to the cart, each individual track of that album/CD. The full album/CD (i.e all the tracks of the album), which you selected, will then be listed in the shopping basket.

For your convenience, you may also look at the various Themes (at the catogories indicated  at the top of  the CD webpage), which will take you to a particular song on that theme.  There,  you may likewise, elect to purchase a particular song, or if you like, the whole CD album, by clicking on the icon ADD to Cart.

Your order is then automatically placed in the Shopping Cart.  The system will then guide you to your next step once you have clicked on the  heading CHECK OUT.

Once your payment is approved  (usually immediately  or within a few minutes or within 24 hours), you will automatically (as well as  by email)   receive a download link, where you can then download your purchased song(s) or the whole CD album.


1.2   South African Buyers

South African buyers can  pay by doing the normal cash deposit at a FNB  Bank and then email us to  with the proof of payment.  As soon as we receive that proof, we will authorise the download with the link supplied.  It is all done conveniently by emails.

Alternatively, South African buyers can do an EFT [Electronic Funds Transfer] which is catered for at the place where you checkout.

Due to admin and bank costs, we request that SA orders be for R50.00 or more at a time, for both cash deposits or EFT payments.

We recommend that only South African buyers order the actual CD albums [with the CD Booklet ,wherever it is available, as indicated below the CD album description where the samples of the album is found].

Customers  may either download a couple of tracks or the whole CD Album, as they wish, as indicated on the CD web page.  When downloading please note that no booklets or lyrics are then available.

When customers in South Africa purchase the CD Albums itself  for postal delivery, the package and postage is indicated at the checkout section.  South African customers may request overnight postal delivery,  from counter to counter,  with the SA Post Office Speedy Express or if they prefer , request a quote for courier,  door to door,  delivery.

We do not recommend South African buyers to pay by credit card, as the cost of convertion from US Dollar to SA Rand, is too high, to make it feasable. PayPal only operates in US Dollars. But you may use PayPal to pay for the order,  if you so select.

For obvious reasons you cannot download the DVDs.  They have to be ordered and posted to you ,on payment,  in the same way as the CDs, in South Africa, as set out above.


2.   Can I pay by Bank Deposit (Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) ?

Yes. But it is recommended for local South African buyers only.  See guidelines mentioned above and at the checkout.  However,  due to the administration and bankcosts  costs involved,  Oscar Music can only accept EFT payments for orders of  R 50.00   or more in value for both Bank deposits or EFT payments.


3.   How to buy tracks/CD's and pay by  EFT   (NB. South African buyers)

1.  Select your choice of tracks for downloading or your selection of CD(s) you wish to purchase, by clicking on the ADD to Cart  icon.

2.  Go to checkout, by clicking on the Checkout icon.    Follow the instruction at Checkout, selecting EFT instead of entering your credit card details.

3.  Click Confirm Order.         You will be shown a message about a pending order and you will receive an email ; detailing the order you placed.

4.  Pay Oscar Music  via EFT,  using the banking details as indicated at check out:   E-mail Proof of Payment to .  Your  order will be marked as paid  within 24 hours (usually within a few minutes of receiving the proof of payment).      You will receive an e-mail  entitled, "Payment Approved", when payment is in fact approved.    It will also be immediately indicated on your webpage.  A download link will be indicated on your webpage and/or by email to you.

5. Download your purchased music, immediately, or by  logging  on to the Oscar Music website  .


4.   Enjoy listening to your downloaded music

Once you have downloaded your music,  you can play it on your own favourite MP3 player.   You can use any popular MP3 player, like iTunes, Winamp or Windows Media Player, to listen to your new music.

You can also download music to your iPod, Ipad  or MP3 player,   once you have downloaded it to your computer, and listen to it on the go.

5.   What is the quality and format of digital downloads?

All Oscar Music downloads are high quality MP3 files.

Oscar Music MP3s do not contain any DRM (Digital Rights Management) licensing to prevent you from listening to the music that you rightfully own.

The MP3s are approximately  5MB in size and should take no longer than 4 minutes to download on an ADSL connection.

Dial-up users are advised to download rather from a broadband (ADSL) connection.



4.   What is the advantage of ordering a CD as opposed to downloading a CD ?

Some customers still prefer the CD itself, which, in most cases, includes the CD booklet with the lyrics.  See the CD webpage for indication of which CD's have booklets and/or  lyrics and (in some cases) the chords available. Also see comments above regarding delivery of actual CDs  in South Africa only. Some CDs on our catalogue are no longer available, except by downloading.  This is indicated at the CD on the CDs webpage.


5.   Can I make my own CD for personal use

You may also burn (copy)  your purchased music to a CD for your own personal use and  may also combine as many songs that you have purchased and downloaded from Oscar Music Online, even from different albums on our CD webpage,  as may fit on your  CD.


You may however NOT sell or duplicate, for someone else, the track(s) or CD you have downloaded or compiled with your own purchase.  That would obviously be tantimount to theft and an infringement of the copyright of the owners of the song(s) or CD,  protected by law.



6.   I forgot my password and cannot log in

Send us an email to  and request a new password.  We will then reply by email to you with a new password, which you may or may not, as you select, change to your own new password again.



7.   I'm having trouble downloading, what do I?

Try turning off any download managers before downloading and try again.

Always try to download from a personal Internet connection, using a broadband connection  [ADSL] , for convenience and speed.   Download the software indicated at the bottom of our web site.   It is made available for your convenience. You may use that software, if needed.  It is provided by the software company, free of charge and all the owners'  rights are reserved.


8.   How long will  delivery take?

Shipping [delivery] usually takes about 7 days for delivery in South Africa.  [See comments above for International customers].


Oscar Music will immediately upon  receipt of proof of payment,  process the posting of the CD(s) ordered and paid for.  The parcel will carry a tracking number for any enquiries.  Should that be necessary, simply phone 0860 111 502 ( during office hours) or check at   with your tracking number which Oscar Music had emailed to you.



9. Any queries or suggestions ?

As we at Oscar Music would like all our customers to be satisfied with our service, we  would welcome any suggestions or recommendations re our website and our operations, for everyone's benefit.    Write to us at