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Simple guide to orders

1.  Click on CD's or DVDs [whatever you want to order];

2. Select your choice of track(s) or album(s) into cart;

3. Complete the details as requested in the system which will guide you through the whole process;

4. You can pay by EFT [electronic Bank  transfer] or payment into our Banking Account [as set out in the process];

5. If buying a download - please note the system will indicate purchase "pending" until your payment as been received or approved;

6. If you pay by EFT [Bank transfer] please note Banks may take a day or two to deposit the funds into our account, in order for us to release the  purchase i.e for you to download or for us to post the CD(s)/DVDs.

7. Overseas customers may pay ,as in the system, by Pay-Pal. The system will guide you through the process.  At the very TOP of our WEBSITE you may change the currency from Rand to dollar.

8. Overseas customers are requested to download only, as postage is expensive and not always reliable from Africa.

9. If any questions or you want more info, please drop us an email to